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Be your own Tooth Fairy.
Visit a dentist & get a $75 Visa Gift Card. Click Here

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Be your own Tooth Fairy.
Visit a dentist & get a $75 Visa Gift Card.
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The Opencare Smile Guarantee
We only work with the top rated 10% of dentists. If your new Opencare dentist doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll cover your co-pay up to $100.

77,000 happy mouths cared for and counting for Opencare.

Opencare - Find a Dentist Near You

What is Opencare?
Opencare is a web-based platform that helps patients find an incredible new dentist in their area. We help dentists grow their practice by matching them with new patients. ... We've perfected patient acquisition so you only have to worry about delivering exceptional care.

How does Opencare make money?
Revenue is to be earned from premium subscription packages that see practitioners and clinics pay a fee for every patient that schedules an appointment through the service. ... With OpenCare, patients are free to do their own research and to choose the provider and availability that works for them, he said. Nov 28, 2013

How do I get an Opencare gift card?
Simply give your personal Opencare referral link, which is available in your Opencare account, to your family and friends to use when they search for a new dentist. After your referred friend shows up to their appointment and submits their receipt to Opencare, you will receive the $50 gift card of your choice.Jan 23, 2020

Why do you want to work at Opencare?
- Company culture focused on growth and problem solving - Great vision and significant potential to win in industry - Extreme transparency across the org - Incredibly smart team - Significant resources devoted to personal development - Significant career opportunities and options - High degree of flexibility for work ...Jan 8, 2020

How much does open care cost?
Rates as low as $0.25 per day or $7.49 per month!*
Final expense WHOLE LIFE / Burial expense plans or Guaranteed issue plans are available – you can't be denied no matter what your health condition. Protect your family today.
Open Care Seniors

What is Open Care Senior plan?
Open Care Insurance Services is offering their Senior Plan Life Insurance Coverage which can pay up to $30,000 to cover final expenses.Dec 4, 2017

How does open care work?
Opencare is a web-based platform that helps patients find an incredible new dentist in their area. We help dentists grow their practice by matching them with new patients. Our platform complements your existing practice-management tools -- it provides a new way to find, communicate with, and schedule in new patients.

What is the best life insurance for seniors?
Best Life Insurance Policies for Seniors
  • New York Life: Best Term Life Insurance.
  • Mutual of Omaha: Best Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance.
  • MassMutual: Best Whole Life Insurance.
  • John Hancock: Best Universal Life Insurance.
  • Transamerica: Best Final Expense Insurance.
Is burial insurance worth buying?
Burial insurance may be useful for some people, but it's not the best option for many of us. ... Others, such as flight insurance or life insurance for a child, are often not worth it. Burial insurance, though, may be useful for some people, but it's not the best option for many of us.Aug 13, 2015

Does AARP have burial insurance?
AARP burial insurance is a permanent Life Insurance Policy available to AARP members between 50 and 80 years of age. ... This type of whole Life Insurance is a convenient way to help surviving family members cover medical costs and pay for funeral expenses.Jun 8, 2017

How do I make a dentist appointment?
Making an appointment
Let them know if you're a new patient. ... Tell them the reason for your visit. ... Give them the name of your health insurance plan. ... Find out if you need to bring anything to the visit, like medical records or current medications. It's important to know the name of the provider you'd like to see.

Opencare is on a mission to untangle healthcare. We are passionate believers that preventive care is the best path to optimal health, so we work hard to make getting access to preventative health practitioners as transparent, convenient, and comfortable as possible. Right now, we are focused on connecting patients to exceptional dental care, which means only recommending the top 10% of dentists in the city. We’re right beside patients every step of the way -- from personalizing the initial search, to making it effortless to book appointments online, and ensuring the actual visit is as enjoyable as possible -- to make sure patients receive an experience that is easy and rewarding. Quick facts: Culture is our number one priority - which is why we have such an amazing team! (https://www.opencare.com/culture/) We are delivering over $165 million in patient value each year Patients love Opencare, giving us a net promoter score higher than their iPhone and Netflix Funded by top-tier US venture firms and angels (8VC, ff VC, Real Ventures, Collaborative Fund, and more).




Visit a top-rated dentist, get a $75 reward. 🦷

Opencare matches you with vetted healthcare professionals so you can get the care you deserve.

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Find the right dentist for you and get the care you deserve. See patient reviews, detailed profiles and book your appointment online.

Manny Eugenio  recommends Opencare.
March 16 ·
My experience booking my Dental appointment through Open Care very good. I was able to access a Dental office close enough that I can set-up an appointment at my convenience. I highly recommend Open Care to anyone, they do also give you updates on the status of your appointment.

Tammy Lou  recommends Opencare.
March 12 ·
Easy, simple and quick booking. Within 10 minutes, I had an appointment with a great dentist that met all of my criteria.

Rwanamiza Eric Munyampeta reviewed Opencare — 5 star
March 10 ·
Opencare is the best and i would recommend it to friends and family

Eshan Kapur  recommends Opencare.
February 27 ·
Great Experience. Must recommended.

Cherry Swartz reviewed Opencare — 1 star
December 4, 2019 ·
I have email opencare support to get my issue taken care of since 11/20. Until now, I still have not heard back from anyone. I would not recommended using opencare to find a dentist or a doctor. The dentist that they refer me was unprofessional and clinic was not clean. As a result I have a allergic reaction. I have try to file an complain given opencare guaranteed the services, but there is no where on the website I can do it. I have send multiple email and not one respond. I really hope the opencare support can read this and reply to my email or call me back.

Decrease in Opencare service due to COVID-19
Due to the current situation with COVID-19, many state and local authorities have recommended dentists suspend all non-essential dental appointments. As a result, you may see reduced or no availability in certain locales. Appointments may be subject to cancellation by Opencare practices as circumstances continue to change.
Click Here to Visit a dentist & get a $75 Visa Gift Card.